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Radio Appearance

Click the link below to hear my appearance on "Rob's Ghost Stories" Podcast, appeared on 6/17/2018. Or you can visit his website at www.robsghoststories.com.

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Sites We Support



You can find us here and other paranormal groups around the world. You can also see an interactive map of potential haunted locations and stories, a must see!

Paranormal Societies


This site shows an extensive list of paranormal groups.

Ghost Stop


You can find all your necessary needs of equipment here at GhostStop.com! They have all new updated equipment you can find on the net, check it out!

The Ghost Hunter Store


Another great site for equipment, go check them out!

Ghost Crime Tours


Here at Ghost Crime Tours (or GCT for short) we base all our tours on documented evidence, compiled either by local newspapers of the day, Police reports, Coroner findings, Council or family history resources or actual onsite interviews conducted by our research team.