Evidence Collected

Sloss Furnaces Anomaly


This was taken at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL. This was in the Boiler Room where the huge fly wheels are located. This was on the upper levels where access is prohibited.

"Burning Man"


This was the same spot, but this time, the apparition has turned facing us.  You can vaguely tell that he is wearing overalls that are wrapped around his neck. This is how the workers wore them when Sloss was operational.

Ghost Dog


This was also taken in the Boiler Room.  There appears to be a black mass in the shape of a dog leaning on one of our investigators. Later reports are stated that there have been many sightings of a ghost dog roaming the premises.

Apparition on Hill


This was taken at "Children's Playground" in Huntsville, AL. One of our investigators took a picture from the playground, looking towards the hill, there appears to be radiant light coming from there and a shadow figure; there was no one else up there.

"Grey" in Window

"Grey" in Window

This picture was given to us to be explained, it was taken in Georgia.

Ghostly Hand


This was taken at a private residential investigation. As you can see, the K2 Meter went off at the same time!