Investigation Process

What to Expect

Once you have reached out to us, we will contact you back as soon as possible. I will have a phone consultation with you and go over a questionnaire to get more information about your case.  We will do research on the property and the area.

If needed, we will schedule the Investigation on our next available date, we conduct our investigations on Saturday evenings between 6-8pm.  If we deem your case an emergency, then we will push back other cases and place yours up front, especially if it involves a child.  If a Saturday does not work for you, we can make arrangements for another day at your convenience.  

We will keep in touch to see if there has been any other activity prior to our arrival.  We will call the day before the investigation to confirm the investigation.  We will then call again the day of the investigation right before we head out to the location and give you an estimated time of our arrival (ETA).  

Upon arrival, I will enter the house/property to discuss the case, while the rest of the team waits in the vehicles; depending the size of the location and who is able to participate, we will have anywhere from 3-10 Investigators.  We will inform you what we were able to find on the history. You will need to sign paperwork to give us authorization to investigate the premises and a release of liability, where if any of our Investigators get hurt or injured on your property, we will NOT hold you liable.  We are doing this on our own free will and here to help you!  We will then ask you to give us a tour of the location and show us where exactly the activity is occurring at.

We will then unload all our equipment to the "Base Camp" and start setting up our static night vision cameras throughout the location, depending on the size, we will set up 4-8 cameras.  Once everything is setup, if needed, we will go "Lights Out" and start our investigation.  Depending on the situation, we may leave the lights on and may even ask you to go around doing what you normaly do.

We leave it up to you as the client what you want to do during our investiagtion.  Some clients prefer not to be there, thats fine as long as there is one adult from the property who stays behind to oversee the investigation.

Depending on the activity we get, if any, will determine how long we will stay, normally 4-8 hours, unless there is a specific time you would like us to be there for, then we will.  We try not to disclose any evidence found during the investigation unless it is pertinent to you.  We will try and debunk or try to recreate any possible evidence found. We like to verify any possible evidence before hand before disclosing any.

If you like, we can also do a "house cleansing" that involves using sage and prayer to help with your situation. This is not a guarantee to get rid of or remove any negative entities, but may help.

Once we deem the investigation is over, we will let you know and start wrapping everything up.  We will start reviewing all the data the following day, and depending how much needs to be reviewed, will determine when we will be complete, usuallly within 7 days is the norm.  We will still stay in contact with you to follow up on how things are going.  Once all evidence is reviewed, we will call you back and let you know what we found, and if needed, we could come back to show you the evidence.  At this time, we will determine the next course of action, if any.

Even after all this, we will stay in contact, and if needed, we can schedule us to come back to conduct another investigation. Your case will remain Open as long as needed.  And remember, we do ALL this FREE of charge!

Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.  And if we are unable to help you in any way, we have contacts that will be able to. We cover the whole state of Alabama except the Mobile area for investigations.  If you live out of the state of Alabama, and just have questions or concerns, you can still contact us for consultation.